Global Petroleum Business Trading Est
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SAP Scheduler

Job Description and Requirements

(a) Collect planning man hour data from Planners and upload the same in SAP system against respective work orders in co-ordination with Planners.
(b) Monitor field labour time sheet (man-hour) entry process and rectify work order logical conflict, errors while performing Data entry in co-ordination with Data entry clerical staffs.
(c) Create actual Versus planned man hour report for MTAP on daily basis and develop necessary MIS for monitoring day to day man hours with respect to progress.
(d) Report variation of planned Vs actual man hours and generate exceptional report as per TAPD requirement.
(e) Create AWRs’ (Additional work request) Work orders in SAP and maintain excel data base and schedule man-hours. 
(f) Maintain close co-ordination with time sheet data entry process of SAP, and ensure uninterrupted work flow.
(g) Preparation of daily report of Turnaround progress for Management reporting as per requirement.
(h) Prepare Reports Work order wise Plan versus actual man hours from SAP data as and when advised for Cost monitoring and control purpose in co-ordination with SCCE TA for contributing and noncontributing work orders. (direct man hours & Indirect man hours)