Saudi Aramco
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Joint Venture Coordinator

Job Description and Requirements
  • Overlook all JVs related issues.
  • Communicate with JV senior management/CEO and Directors of JV Board.
  • Lead negotiations with Saudi Aramco SMEs on commercial agreements and develop the draft agreement.
  • Lead coordination of reviews of agreements with various Aramco departments.
  • Develop presentation materials for various meetings including board briefing.
  • Review JV board agenda, board meeting book and prepare for pre-Board briefing.
  • Act as an advisory for board members inquiries.
  • Review JV Business plan and provide recommendations.
  • Review all board resolutions and provide recommendations to Board members.
  • Maintain regular communication visits to JV.
  • Promote Saudi Aramco technical services.
  • Review technical, operational and financial performance to identify issues that need to be addressed.
  • Identify, evaluate and implement improvements within the JV that would improve its business performance.