Saudi Aramco
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Counsel Corporate Compliance Environmental Regulatory Compliance

Job Description and Requirements
  • Multi-jurisdictional environmental compliance, climate change and permitting for water discharges, air emissions, solid and hazardous waste storage, treatment and disposal facilities, wetlands and natural resources, and endangered species issues;
  • Negotiate with international permitting and regulatory authorities.
  • Create and execute of self-audit programs.
  • Assist Saudi Aramco's Chief Compliance Officer, Corporate Secretary and General Counsel in advising the Saudi Aramco Board of Directors with respect to significant corporate governance and regulatory developments.
  • Oversee Saudi Aramco's compliance program obligations relating to environmental regulations including meeting all commitments of governmental enforcement agencies, as well as interacting with governmental agencies, as necessary.
  • Assist with Saudi Aramco's internal assessment of the company's relevant disclosure controls and internal control over financial reporting.
  • Monitor legal and regulatory requirements applicable to U.S. and/or U.K. listed companies, as well as, developments in legislation and enforcement to ensure Company has current and accurate compliance policies and procedures.
  • Provide direction, oversight, and counsel during environmental-related compliance reviews, whether conducted by Saudi Aramco personnel or outside counsel.
  • Support Saudi Aramco's global operations with expert environmental regulatory compliance counseling and advice.
  • Work with the Chief Compliance Officer to address environmental regulatory-related compliance concerns raised by business lines, subsidiary companies, and management.
  • Work with the business lines or subsidiary companies to determine any compliance gaps or practices that may expose the Company to legal liability or reputational harm.
  • Develop and manage compliance systems for tracking third party monitoring and due diligence.
  • Work with other attorneys to monitor the effectiveness of the compliance program.
  • Work with other attorneys and personnel to develop training modules, train individuals to deliver such modules, and roll-out a comprehensive compliance training program; and Support the Law Organization as to compliance law issues.